About us


Running a
successful business
since 1995

Leo Feigin, a renowned core technology professional having held senior positions in the nuclear and aerospace electricity sector of Russia, laid out the basics for our technology which was first worked out and described in 1995.

Establishing a laboratory for component testing and analysis was the next logical step in developing an optimization device which through a number of improvements and model updates resulted in today’s patented technology and ECOD model line.

Today, Feigin Electric operates out of Singapore with offices and production base in the Rayong industrial cluster in Thailand.

Feigin Electric’s strive to perfection is second to none, as is our approach towards clients needs.

Our customers include factories, production lines, hotels, counties, fast food restaurant chains and power distributors with names such as Burger King, KFC, McDonalds, The Pizza Company, Severstal, Lion Group, RAO United Energy System, Sberbank, Chester’s Grill, Pizza Hut, Sturgeon Farm Hua Hin Thailand, just to name a few.