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Unleashed Voltage

Electricity optimization is not just about the bill, but a sophisticated approach towards competitiveness, equipment protection, and environmental impact. The power supply by your electricity company in charge is rarely steady and much less optimal as it should be within the established standards of 220/230 V or 110/120V. Rather than that is it almost always more or less within a range of plus/minus 5 to 10%. Large cities get the worst of it as the voltage is usually close to the upper tolerance limit. In a simple example in a country where 230V is taken as a basis in the network, there will be a value between 232-242V and even more. As distributors increase the voltage in order to control drops at peak power consumption and reduce losses in the transmission lines, your appliances and equipment work harder, heat up, and suffer short lifespans while your electricity bill swells up. Higher voltage equals wasted power, as the excess voltage is dissipated as heat from devices. Many devices are designed to operate best at the lower voltage range, so subjecting them to higher voltages wears them down, requiring replacement. Such voltage increase is the main cause of inefficient electricity usage, and while the end-user and environment shoulder the downside, the distributor reaps the benefits.

Tamed Voltage at Work

Keeping power at the minimum of the tolerance range, reducing harmonics distortion, and reducing reactive power is a simple yet highly effective approach to optimize and save electricity, and yet not all. The working principle of our unique and patented technology lets the electronic controller regulate the direction of the current in the coil of each transformer (one per phase) regulating and balancing the network parameter in order to sustain the highest performance while minimizing power loss. The results are a material extension of equipment life, preventing failures and production outages, dramatically cutting electricity costs, and reducing carbon footprint enabling to plan for production sites irrespective of the sub-optimal grid. Our patented technology enables consumers to get quality power and to optimize power consumption and so reduce energy bills by an average factor of 9% while protecting equipment of virtually any kind and increase equipment lifespan.

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